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12/11/2016曠野旅程 Journey in the wildernessSermon马殿君中文
12/04/2016人都有罪 Men are sinfulSermon黃少華中文
11/27/2016僕人之歌2 Servant Songs 2Sermon柯明輝中文
11/23/2016感恩节福音 Thanksgiving GospelSermonCharlie Greenwell中文
11/20/2016當記念安息日、守為聖日(2) Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy (2)Sermon段永恒中文
11/13/2016伯得利的經歷 The Bethel's ExperienceSermon黃少華中文
11/06/2016你得國降臨的時候,求你記念我! Remember Me When You Come Into Your Kingdom!Sermon马殿君中文
10/30/2016幸福的持續 The Continuation Of BlessingsSermon李報鳴牧師中文
10/23/2016我們有這寶貝放在瓦器裡 We Have This Treasure In Jars Of ClaySermon马殿君中文
10/16/2016塔城華人墓督教會信仰宣言, 婚姻及婚禮儀式準則 TCCC State of Faith, Marriage and Wedding Ceremony GuidelinesSermon王雲程中文
10/09/2016做成你們得救的功 Work Out Your SalvationSermon黃少華中文
10/02/2016耶穌為門徒洗腳 Jesus Washes His Disciples' FeetSermon王雲程中文
09/25/2016當記念安息日、守為聖日 Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holySermon段永恒中文
09/18/2016僕人之歌 Servant SongsSermon柯明輝中文
09/11/2016當孝敬父母 Honor Your Father and MotherSermonCharlie GreenwellEnglish