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01/29/2023地方教會誕生的序幕 Prelude to the Birth of a Local ChurchSermonCharlie GreenwellEngslish
01/23/2023敬拜初探(下) Sermon趙約翰Chinese
01/22/2023神从始至终的作为 What God has Done From the Beginning to the End Sermon趙約翰Chinese
01/22/2023敬拜初探(上) Sermon趙約翰Chinese
01/21/2023家庭婚姻建造 Sermon趙約翰Chinese
01/21/2023有一地较日中更灿烂 Lord, There’s a Land That Is Fairer Than Day Sermon趙約翰Chinese
01/15/2023等候基督中的教會生活 Church Life when Waiting for Chris Sermon段永恒Chinese
01/08/2023凭信心前行 Walk in Faith SermonDon MacLaughlinEngslish
01/01/2023剛強壯膽 Be Strong and Courageous Sermon梁志勇Chinese
12/25/2022接待他,信他名 Received Him, Believed in His Name Sermon馬殿君Chinese
12/18/2022奇妙聖誕 Christmas Miracle SermonDon MacLaughlinEngslish
12/11/2022長老與執事 Elders and Deacons SermonCharlie GreenwellEngslish
12/04/2022積蓄的一切智慧知識 All the Treasures of Wisdom and KnowledgeSermon杨威Chinese
11/27/2022長老的正面品格特質 The Elder's Positive TraitsSermonCharlie GreenwellEngslish